Feature Request list

A closed list of all the remaining feature requests for @Matej’s reference. Chronological order (from the oldest) for now:

  1. Section print: Section print in history outputs
  2. Cyclic symmetry: Cyclic symmetry
  3. Gmsh Extrude to create solid meshes from shell ones: Convert shell to solid element by normal extrusions
  4. Section view with adapting contour plot legend: Section View with adapting contour plot legend
  5. Geometry import before defining the model settings (dimensionality, units): Request model settings upon import
  6. Beam elements: UNV import to support line element (beam), Support for beam elements
  7. Warp3D fracture mechanics solver implementation: Warp3D support in Prepomax
  8. Number format setting applied to all outputs, not just the color legend: Settings of General still shows Scientific values
  9. Tooltips showing the values of BCs/loads: ToolTip to show DOF values for BCs and Magnitude for Loads
  10. An option to set the OP parameter’s value (to use MOD instead of NEW): BCs and Load Op=New vs continuation
  11. Query → Distance tool taking into account reference points: A few small features for convenience
  12. Perspective view on/off: A few small features for convenience, Perspective view
  13. Possibility to configure buttons used for navigation in 3D space and/or predefined navigation styles: A few small features for convenience, Change shift to ctrl while panning
  14. Possibility to change the size of text and icons: A few small features for convenience
  15. Option to save screenshots containing just the viewport: A few small features for convenience, Save as bitmap files in high resolution, Safety factors and stress exports
  16. Optional display of symmetry axis for axisymmetric models: A few small features for convenience
  17. Spring between two nodes: Spring between two nodes, Spring2 Implementation
  18. Step/increment column in history output table: Association between history output and step/increment
  19. Mohr-Coulomb material model: Mohr–Coulomb Abaqus Material
  20. Visualization of initial penetrations in contact: Initial penetration between contact pairs
  21. An option to load results by steps: Incremental loading of frd results?
  22. Ensuring the correctness of US units (especially density): Density to Mass Conversion (Modal Analysis)
  23. Displaying materials applied to parts and list of all material assignments: Add material to part anotations
  24. Export to ParaView format: Export to *.vtu Format for Paraview, Will prepomax support VTk format reading and cloud map display in the future?
  25. Convergence (residuals) plots: Plot of residuals for convergence in PrePoMax
  26. Multiple viewports at once for comparison of results from different analyses: Post Processing of two different calculations
  27. Stress as a deformed variable: Additional results deformation parameter for postprocessing
  28. Context menu when clicking on empty space: Add Querry item to the context menu
  29. Parallel meshing: It is recommended to integrate the latest version of netgen and mmg in propremax, Parallel Processor Meshing
  30. Annotations present in animations: Min, Max, labels query on exported video
  31. Display of rigid body constraints in results: Visual Display of RIGID BODY in Results
  32. Features for weld strength/durability assessment: Welded joint analysis
  33. More entries in the material library: More complete material library
  34. Splitting faces (e.g. around holes): Split faces around holes with circular offseted shape
  35. Setting for the default location of the material library: Designated Material Library Location
  36. Topology optimization (BESO): Support to BESO optimization module
  37. Selecting shell layer for contour plot: Shell (2D) Elements & Plot Features
  38. Bolt pretension with beam element: Bolt pre-tension force with beam element
  39. Coupling constraints: RBE3 integration in PrepoMax (Kinematic & Distributing Coupling)
  40. Solid to shell tool and deleting faces: Meshing a solid part with 2D elements
  41. Combining results from different steps: Linear combination of step results
  42. Fatigue analyses: Fatigue Module based on von Mises Stress Plot
  43. Mesh quality checks: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/mesh-quality-controls/371
  44. Linux support: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/building-on-mono/106
  45. Node/element set creation from a list in a file: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/add-input-from-file-to-create-nodes-and-elements-list/390
  46. User-defined (equation-based) field outputs: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/postprocessing-load-factor-contour-plot/146, https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/equations-form-results/970
  47. Initial displacement, plastic strain, stress conditions: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/initial-conditions-other-than-temperature/270
  48. Orthotropic/anisotropic materials: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/orthotropic-aterial-support/143, https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/anisotropic-materials/521
  49. Composite sections: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/orthotropic-aterial-support/143
  50. Random vibration analyses: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/random-and-harmonic-vibration-analysis/52
  51. Build number in the Help → About window: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/add-build-number-to-the-prepomax-version-description-page/464
  52. Pressing Enter to close the Material Library Editor after adding a material to the FE Model Materials section: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/small-improvement-of-the-material-library-dialog-window/473
  53. Displaying the origin: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/origin-position-in-the-modeling-space/485
  54. Zooming not changing the first point of the box selection: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/rectangle-selection-zoom/491
  55. Link to the documentation in the Help menu: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/help-menu-link-to-manual-file/500
  56. DXF import: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/dxf-import-feature/560
  57. Summing nodal forces/moments before running the analysis: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/nodal-forces-and-moment-summation/578
  58. UMAT support: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/umat-option-in-prepomax/606
  59. Showing elements at cut plane when using section view: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/section-view-show-solid-elements-at-cut-plane/621
  60. Point mass elements: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/add-point-mass-for-natural-frequency-model-v1-3-0/155
  61. Creating element sets in results and showing field outputs based on them: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/some-suggestions-on-postprecessor/646
  62. Section cuts not only for visual purposes: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/some-suggestions-on-postprecessor/646
  63. Path plots: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/some-suggestions-on-postprecessor/646
  64. Manual node and element creation, manual mesh edits: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/manual-mesh-support/690
  65. Amplitude support for film coefficient and emissivity: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/amplitude-support-for-film-coefficient-and-emmissivity/722
  66. Gmsh support: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/inclusion-of-gmsh-as-advanced-mesher/757
  67. User-defined coordinate systems for input and output: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/user-defined-cylindrical-coordinate-system/776, https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/transform-r-and-c/499, https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/create-local-coordinate-systems/1406
  68. 3D manipulator support: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/invert-mouse-wheel-zoom-and-use-of-3d-mouse/380
  69. OpenRADIOSS support: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/how-about-adding-openradioss-support/774
  70. Display of boundary conditions in results: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/boundary-conditions-display/787
  71. Highlighting regions related to history outputs in results: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/output-selected-region/812
  72. Element type display for Query → Part: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/query-improvement/808
  73. Multiple selections for Query (so the total number of nodes and elements can be shown for the selected parts): https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/query-improvement/808
  74. Hiding selected elements/element sets: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/results-contour-plots-of-specific-geometry/837, https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/hide-elements-when-viewing-results/1391
  75. Imported temperature from OpenFOAM: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/imported-temperature-bc/805
  76. Stress Modified Critical Strain / Critical Plastic Strain output: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/post-processing-of-strain-result/404
  77. General variable pressure load (distribution feature, expressions): https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/variable-pressure-load/68, https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/external-load-issue/1069
  78. Variable shell thickness: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/variable-pressure-load/68
  79. MP4 format for animation export: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/could-we-add-mp4-to-the-video-output-option-the-avi-format-is-not-viewable-in-windows-10/932
  80. Opening results from running or killed analyses: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/autosave-after-analysis-is-completed/950
  81. Compression-only support (GAP elements): https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/compression-only-support/558
  82. MacOS support: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/apple-m1-support/979
  83. An option to hide the status block: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/hide-show-status-block-option/980
  84. Support for Kelvin unit: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/unit-systems-m-kg-s-k-and-or-mm-kg-s-k/1032
  85. Nodal average display for surface/edge query: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/nodal-average-in-query-of-surface/1033
  86. Base motion for dynamic analyses: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/base-motion-for-dynamic-analyses/1062
  87. Displaying node symbols: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/displaying-nodes-in-mesh-view/1067
  88. Translation to different languages: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/internationalized-multilingual-adaptation/1086
  89. Symbol (vector) plots for principal stresses: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/visualize-the-directions-of-the-principal-stresses/1117
  90. Basic relative part positioning (at least placing a bolt in a hole): https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/additional-transform-option-align-pin-to-hole/1128
  91. Stress linearization: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/temperature-dependent-thermal-conductivity-stress-linearization/1155
  92. Merging tie constraints so that the surfaces are not repeated in multiple constraint definitions: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/question-regarding-constraints/1182
  93. Node set definition based on a list in an external file (for imported meshes): https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/node-set-selection/1194
  94. IronPython as scripting API: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/ironpython-as-scripting-api-in-the-future/1204
  95. Edge partitions / partitioning tool in general: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/adding-a-feature-to-split-edges-of-geometry/1225
  96. Custom color maps: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/custom-colour-spectrum/1243
  97. Edge selection by length criterion: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/select-multiple-edge-by-length-criteria/1255
  98. Additional envelope types (Max of ABS, Max-Min) and additional output with the number of frames/load cases from which the envelope value comes: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/suggested-improvements-for-the-envelope-tool/1244
  99. Merge nodes tool: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/merge-nodes-after-mesh-creation/1274
  100. Time points for output: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/result-output-using-time/1290
  101. Postprocessing improvements: history output location shown, rescale to visible data range, subfolders for parts, shortcuts for display modes in context menu: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/additional-options-for-postprocessing/1303
  102. Verification manual: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/verification-manual/1305
  103. Deactivation/modification of keywords in the Keyword Editor: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/keyword-deactivation/1327
  104. Support for true shell element (US3): https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/support-of-shell-user-element-us3/1335
  105. Support for TetWild - robust mesher: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/inclussion-of-tetwild-as-robust-mesher-for-complex-stl-obj-files/1376
  106. Changing steps in results using keyboard buttons: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/move-between-steps/1390
  107. Parameters supporting nodal coordinates and imported data: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/tools-parameters/1404
  108. Mesh refinement defined as a number of elements along the edge: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/mesh-refinement-of-edges-with-gmsh/1378
  109. Mesh statistics plots: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/tool-to-show-useful-information-about-the-mesh/1439
  110. Traction load for edges: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/traction-load-on-edge/1447
  111. Node set and reference point selection for initial velocity, support for initial rotational velocity: https://prepomax.discourse.group/t/issues-with-initial-velocity/1263