Autosave after analysis is completed

Some times life is happening and then bam, Windows update! and all work is lost. I wonder if it would interest others to have an automatic save after the analysis has completed so that we can retain the file in case something else happens that particular weekend. it should probably be a setting that can be turned on or off since there are instances where the problem will solve quickly and there is no need to save if we are just testing something out quickly.

When the analysis is completed you can directly open the .frd file with CalculiX results.

I always thought the results were unreadable if the program just crashed. But this is interesting to know. Does that mean that if for example I am running a calculation and I want to know the partial results I can just go to results right away once one or more steps have converged?

Well, this is a bit tricky: Active results vs check mark/red sign - Bug Reports - PrePoMax

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