Apple m1 support


Can you support Apple m1 cpu maybe thru mono develop and is possible to make easy simulate of pipes and air duct hangers ( pipes and duct hanger and dilatations )

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MacOS is rather niche among engineers, Linux support would be widely appreciated. But it’s not easy and there are ways to use Windows software on Linux and Mac.

PrePoMax is a general purpose pre- and postprocessor for CalculiX and depends on the features of that solver. For pipes you may need beam elements. They are supported by CalculiX but not yet available in PrePoMax. However, FreeCAD supports them (and is available for MacOS).

Currently, the only supported OS system is Windows. And because of how the program is assembled: C# user interface and C++3D visualization and C++ external libraries it would not be so easy to port it to other OSs.


Thank you for your answer , my filed of interest would be pipes or duct hangers support with thermal and stress analyses. Second is possible use pre processor and post processor for simulation pipe flow and air duct simulation maybe with open foam but just air.

Ductwork sizing, calculation and design for efficiency - The Engineering Mindset

Simulation of strong vibro-acoustic coupling effects in ducts using a partitioned approach in the time domain (

Import duct in stl, make air source (speed and pressure) and simulate exits, pressure drops (speed) and sound noise

Pressure drop and maybe ageofair , if needed i would like to help with beta testing

Check the CfdOF add-on module in FreeCAD. It supports CFD analyses with OpenFOAM, is very user-friendly and should be sufficient for your purpose regarding pipes and air ducts. You can even use the pressure from such OpenFOAM analyses as a load in solid mechanics simulations in PrePoMax.