Additional Transform option - Align pin to hole


I would appreciate to have an advanced option for aligning parts to each other - “Pin to hole”. This would make creating assemblies much more comfortable. The graphic shows what I’m thinking of:

Then more assembly constraints would be needed but this is meant to be done in CAD software before importing the geometry to PrePoMax. You can use e.g. FreeCAD for this purpose.

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I understand what you mean but that’s not my point. For assemblies, it does not make sense to import and mesh every screw based on the CAD model. It makes more sense to add screws later as beam elements (not available) or to represent them using separately created, structured hexahedral elements.
I don’t think any associative constraints are needed for this.

Indeed, also bolt have end nut and different body/shank length. Probably, bolt with beam element model is more convenient to implement.

Alternatively it would be nice to have the selection menu for creating reference points also for the transform options:

Currently, there is no plan to add support for assembly constraints. But in the future, there is a plan to add support for simple geometry modeling. At that time something like part positioning will become a must.

since bolt are widely used, it seems some specific module is required when it needed to implement. Most CAD software have this feature also, it can defined based on drill hole diameter and depth.

PrePoMax can take the advantages of CAD approach, but generate structured hex mesh instead. Additional to given option in pre-tension and predefined contact surface can be great and useful.