Imported Temperature BC

Hello everyone, new to the community and I must say this is a solid looking piece of software, especially with a single developer.

I saw that the imported pressure BC was added near the end of last year and as our other major simulation tool is OpenFOAM this was very promising. Would it be much trouble to add an imported temperature as well? I realize it may not be a straight substitution, but it seems like the code could be recycled.

Anyway, great work!

I think reading the temperature on surfaces should not be a problem. But, currently, the interpolation procedures only work for the boundary of the CFD domain. The pressure on the fluid boundary can be applied to the surface of the FEM mesh. If this is enough, this feature could also be added for temperature.

Boundary interpolation is just what I’m thinking. I’ve been trying through the map command in ccx but its not straightforward.