Parallel Processor Meshing

I’m probably not the first one to ask for this, but I haven’t been able to find this request using the search function… Could we have parallel meshing? Currently it seems like only one processor is doing anything really while trying to mesh a complicated model. This is fairly common.

What I mean by complicated is that I would pick a model straight from our system and try to do FEA on it but IT has holes that are too close to each other or maybe tangents meet at a point things like that. So then the meshing program just crawls to a halt using one processor 100% or like in this case, the meshing continues but there is very little processor usage. I’m going to have to model up a bad model for us to share. Should be fairly easy to do LOL.

Check this thread: It is recommended to integrate the latest version of netgen and mmg in propremax

As you can see, parallel meshing was added to Netgen (mesher used by PrePoMax) only recently and implementing this new version of Netgen may not be easy.

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The current mesher is Netgen which is specially adjusted to PrePoMax. It is based on a very old Netgen version that does not support parallelization.

The new PrePoMax version brings support for Gmes through API (much more pleasant to work with from the C# environment). Gmsh is faster in general and also brings support for parallel meshing. So I think this will be the way for the future. First, I will add support for 3D extruded and 3D revolved meshes and then 3D tetrahedral meshes.

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Oh GMSH… Would you guys be kind enough to tell me where did they bury the “save .GEO” button??? There is the “save mesh button” and such but I don’t know where the put the save “this file that you are working on” button. Every time I try to use that program this drives me nuts. I end up leaving the thing on for weeks just o keep what I got, then it crashes and I have to restart from scratch. It was like any other program one day… file-> save, then one day its gone and my searches end up with thousands of results and nothing related to “where can you actually save the .geo file that you are working on” :slight_smile:

When you start Gmsh, it shows you the .geo file location in the title bar. Then, if you load the geometry and select Geometry → Elementary entities → Set geometry kernel → OpenCASCADE, you will be given an option to create a new .geo file. Again, you will see its location in the title bar. You can always access it (and modify or save somewhere else) using Geometry → Edit script.

but if I create a file and I merge a step file into it, then I go to edit I get this:
// Gmsh project created on Wed Oct 04 09:18:18 2023

I’m expecting that there would be a “merge” line entry but there is nothing. Then I try 1D, 2D and it crashes. It also doesn’t save all my mesh settings for that file. I need to dig into their settings file to see where to change all that. maybe there is a “record every event” setting that I have off.

I do it this way:

  1. Start Gmsh
  2. File → Open [select STEP file]
  3. Geometry → Elementary entities → Set geometry kernel → OpenCASCADE
  4. Create new .geo file

Then I have Merge and SetFactory in the script. Clicking 1D/2D/3D doesn’t change anything but other operations (before generating the mesh) are added to the script.

Here’s my tutorial involving Gmsh:

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