I don't have the results of the analysis

As in the topic, after performing the analysis I have no results. File in attachment. Please help and thank you in advance
LUK1.pmx (2.5 MB)

You have no field output requests and thus there are no results. Add them first and it will work.

P.S. There are some redundant keyword that you can remove in the editor.

@Optima, may I ask which mesher you used to get this hex mesh ?

I made the *.iges file in AutoCAD and a friend made the
mesh in his company in Abaqus as a *.inp file

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I could guess by those redundant keywords typical for Abaqus. Tell your friend to set “Do not use parts and assemblies in input files” next time before exporting the mesh from Abaqus - you will avoid some of those unnecessary keywords.

Thanks. I told you I’m a beginner :slight_smile: