Unable to perform non-linear simulation

I am performing static, non-linear simulation. Compressing a lattice structure to a certain % strain.
One end of lattice structure is fixed and displacement is given at the other end. I have attached the screenshots in which step settings, BCs and errors are shown.

Can anyone please tell me why I am facing this error is there any particular reason or there might be multiple reasons for this error? The simulation ran without error till 0.7s and then I got this error.

Definitely. There can be many reasons of non-convergence and it’s hard (if not impossible) to say without checking the complete analysis setup and running some tests. If you have plasticity defined, consider it as a potential cause of the issue. Otherwise, it can be just geometric nonlinearity causing failure due to large mesh distortion, for instance. Or maybe the loads/BCs are unrealistic and Nlgeom only reveals it. You should carefully check all the inputs and outputs.

Here is a useful video on the subject.

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