STEP file import resolution

I am not sure if I have a problem or not. I keep adjusting the solidworks display resolution to the max and the curvature exported still looks jagged in prepomax. The diameter I’m using is 1.5mm. Not sure if its an issue that is known.


Oh this is interesting:
Here is the 2D model:

And here is the initial default mesh properties mesh:

And here is the same mesh from the same model with higher resolution in the mesh properties:

So I guess there is no issue. I guess there is a limit to make the model move with ease, but it goes away when a mesh is calculated.

Try reducing Tools → Settings → Graphics → Geometry → CAD deflection and importing again. That’s for the visualization. When it comes to the mesh, you can adjust the number of elements per edge and per curvature.


Since the issue is solved, I have closed the topic.