Small typos in v1.4.0


I’ve noticed those small typos in v1.4.0:

  • the description of the steady state parameter for the modal dynamics step mentions heat transfer
  • “scale fator” in the imported pressure definition dialog
  • perturbation parameter is On/Off for modal dynamics and True/False for steady state dynamics

Also, is there a reason why boundary conditions can’t be defined in the modal dynamics step ?

I have fixed the typos and prepared an updated release version.

If I remember correctly, the boundary conditions in the modal dynamic step should be the same as in the preceding frequency step. No new boundary conditions are allowed. PrePoMax uses op=New and then redefines the boundary conditions in the next step, but this does not work for the modal dynamic step. So I had no other solution than to prevent the creation of new boundary conditions in the modal dynamic step and remove the op=New parameter. Is there a better way?