Results in cylindrical coordinate system issue

Hello everyone,

I obtained cyclic symmetry model from here and using *transform keyword i changed nodal coordinate system from cartesian to cylindrical and applied centrifugal load, it works out but in results is there anyway to using cyclindrical coordinate system too ? I want to see radial deformation or maybe hoop stress in tangential direction.

Thank you


You can do this in ParaView:

Maybe more quickly you can do this using CGX with trfm cyl z (if z is the axis) - See CGX manual
Open frd file with CGX - select one dataset (for example stress) and type “trfm cyl z” if z is your axis
After that in dataset appear RR (radial) - TT (tangential) and ZZ (axial) components of stress
CGX is not very user friendly but it has many useful function on postprocessing mode

Another way is to use *ORIENTATION and *EL FILE, GLOBAL=NO: Maximum stress of bearing - #28 by FEAnalyst