Invalid items not shown

When more than 1 item is meshed, and the user removes one of the meshed items this warning appears:


Initially I thought maybe I left some selection items from the removed mesh like maybe a material section or an applied load or constraint but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I assume maybe the program would create a node set to highlight something that needs to be removed? but there is no new set created, just the warning about it.

This warning persists even after deleting all the steps that contained those selections previously.

Are there any red (invalid) items in the Model tree ? They should be deleted (or corrected if they referenced both parts). Then this message shouldn’t appear.

By the way, there’s a small typo in this warning message - it should say “invalid” instead of “invlaid”.

unfortunately nothing shows up highlighted or in the node sets:

Its definitely repeatable but I haven’t yet investigated exactly the repeat steps. So far, at least there must be a constraint created or a temperature assigned as an initial condition or field. Then you delete the parts associated with these selections and the error appears as far as I can tell thus far.

Using the Keyword editor I can see that the inp file has these node sets:

And using a text editor:
*Boundary, op=New
** Name: Displacement_Rotation-1
Internal_Selection-1_Displacement_Rotation-1, 3, 3, 0
** Name: Displacement_Rotation-2
Internal_Selection-1_Displacement_Rotation-2, 1, 1, 0

and it looks like the temperature issue is coming from the defined fields:
** Defined fields ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
*Temperature, op=New
** Name: Temperature-1
Internal_Selection-1_Temperature-1, -20

both of these have their node sets also intact even though they don’t exist in the PMX anymore.

Once I delete the Nsets from the inp file manually, then the error goes away. I think maybe something got broken in this revision that used to handle removing those things out previously.

So if you delete a meshed part that had some boundary conditions or other features assigned to it, those features are gone and not highlighted in red in the tree ? That’s strange because when I test it in v1.4.0, the behavior is correct (there are highlighted features that have to be deleted or redefined and then the warning disappears).

Deleting part

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Here is my PMX as an example:
fastener_example.pmx (2.1 MB)

ok, here is a couple of PMX files. I prepared a “good” file to the point where I could make it run…it doesn’t make any sense the way its constrained and loaded, but I just chose random things to add so I could remove them and add new ones as a copy in the “bad” file. So the bad file is just the good file after deleting meshes and re-building up the model to run again.
fastener_example_good.pmx (1.3 MB)
fastener_example_bad.pmx (1.2 MB)
and yes, stuff turns red as you show here. however, once removed, there is nothing shown in red, but I still get a warning. In this case, I deleted a part that had the temperature initial condition and so it complains about it.

I checked your “bad” model. The warning message is related to the defined field, not to the initial condition. If you redefine this feature, the message will disappear. So it seems that everything is working properly.

There are definitely scenarios where this happens. But it should not happen when only removing one part mesh. I will test your models. Re-building the model means Edit → Regenerate? If so, I would also need the basic .step file used for the model (you can find where it is located under Edit → View history.

Here you go: (24.9 KB)

this by the way is so cool!: Edit → View history

You’re right on this one. I wasn’t able to recreate the previous failure with a single step. Let me see if adding a couple of other steps does it.

fastener_example_bad.pmx (1.3 MB)
ok the temperature one seems to be recreated here. I created new steps which duplicated all the fields and constraints, then I applied a surface traction then a preload. subsequently I deleted and recreated the mesh… this is something i do a lot now to bring in new versions of the geometry for example. Then I re assigned everything that was red including the temp field. that gave me the error why trying to run. Finally I deleted the extra steps and kept the original static without the temp field and it still gave the error about temperature. I’ll post again if I can re-create the displacement one, but I think its stems from a similar process.