Corrupted .inp files in v1.4.1

Hi There

I’ve recently been experimenting with PrePoMax and I was trying out FEAnalyst’s tutorial 16 ( However I couldn’t get it to work in v1.4.1 in the end I changed back to v1.4 and started again and found the tutorial worked fine there.

I then took my good 1.4 model and opened it in 1.4.1 to see if it would work, unfortunately it gives the this error:

*ERROR reading *CLOAD: node 18305
is not defined
*ERROR reading *CLOAD: node 18307
is not defined
*ERROR in calinput: at least one fatal
error message while reading the
input deck: CalculiX stops.

Job failed - no results exist.

To investigate further I performed a diff on the .inp file generated by 1.4 and the .inp file generated by 1.4.1 and you can see that the nodes have corrupt data in them.

I haven’t done much more digging but this seems to be related only to rigid body constraints.

Thanks for the bug report. I have fixed it and updated the developer 1.4.1 version. Please give it a try and confirm it is working now.

Hi Matej

Thanks for the quick update! I can confirm this bug is corrected in the new version.