Undo undoes a little too much


Here is what happened: I hid some loads, BCs, Constraints and Reference points in the FE Model tree, so I could make some screen shots of just the mesh and then wanted to just show everything again using undo. As I clicked undo the whole model started to regenerate, form the first import of the part, remeshing and everything. That is definitely not something I had in mind when trying to go just one step back and is probably not the intended behavior.

Yes, that is true. This is currently the implemented solution. I agree it is not optimal, but currently, there is no plan to improve it. If there is some more interest I can give it some thought.

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Undoing can be useful sometimes but it’s not so important in this kind of software where pretty much everything is defined in the tree and can be easily modified or deleted. Abaqus doesn’t have undo/redo buttons at all (apart from the sketcher). For me, the most important application of undo in PrePoMax would be reversing boundary layer creation. By the way, it would be nice to have an option to access existing boundary layer definitions and edit or delete them.

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Undoing/editing the boundary layer is not easy to do. Maybe adding a simple preview with inserted node positions would be enough?

Yes, a preview would be very helpful. I guess that the difficulty of modifying or removing a boundary layer is caused by the fact that this tool edits the mesh directly. Perhaps in the future, it could be possible to make the tool create a geometric partition and assign a single layer of wedge elements to it but it’s not something crucial.

The updated v1.4.0 dev version contains the possibility to preview the boundary layer by displaying the newly created nodes. I think it is good enough to determine the value of the thickness.


Great, it’s a really nice improvement.