Rotation control doesn't work

I made a testing rig with two parts that are supposed to rotate 90 degrees but both of them stop at a smaller angle. Does anyone know how to fix the rotation so it fully rotates?

How did you apply the rotation ? Can you share some screenshots or at least describe the details of your model ?

This is the rig and the settings of 1 side, the other side has the same settings, except the angle has a different sign.

This is a picture of the rig.

I assume that those boundary conditions are applied to reference points of rigid body constraints. Is the analysis completed ? Did you set the deformation scale to “true” ?

It would be best if you could share the file but I understand that it’s not always possible.

Where can I change the deformation scale?

You can find this option here:


1.365 rad each part in opposite direction makes an overall rotation of 156º.
That’s a lot and I think your problem is different.

Thanks! It didn’t change much in the end. To answer your previous questions, yes 2 references points were chosen with rigid body constraints. The analysis completes once I turn off NIgeom, but neither parts of the rig rotate 90 degrees. If I turn NIgeom on then the analysis fails but with results rotating up to the same angles as with NIgeom off. I am not quite sure what is going on.

It is failing close to 70º ?¿?

I am trying to close the rig. Do you think large rotations aren’t possible?

I just posted the solution in Tips and Tricks.

this is the maximum angle it goes to.

Can you share the .pmx file ? It’s hard to say what’s going on based on those cropped screenshots.