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Well, good day.
I finally got my simple model with 3 parts running.
part 1 >> block with an oring groove,
part 2 >> flat block, 2mm above part 1
part 3 >> round oring in the groove, not touching part 1 or 2
I displace part 2 down onto part 2 and 3. all works fine.
Question? How can I get a total of the forces between parts and/or surfaces???
I’ve looked all over everywhere. Google foo just isn’t working.
Thanks in advance.

Either sum the reaction forces from the regions with applied boundary conditions or request history output of CF (total contact force).

Thank you for the quick reply.
working on it.
Could you be more specific?
is this through Field Outputs? how are the Fields defined?
Where are the reaction forces listed or shown? by BC’s ?? or Element sets, or Node sets?

Reaction forces are saved by default as field output and can be shown as a contour plot after selecting them from the results tree (then Query may even sum them up for a selected face). But you can also request RF as history output for nodes to get them in a tabular format.

Contact forces can be requested as history output for contact pairs.

OK, if I display the Contact Pressure (cpress), and then do a Querry on a contact surface, it displays
surface area, max press, min press, and Nodal sum…
and display F2, querry the bottom surface…gets results.
so, i’m old fashioned. is there a way to get a text printout??

Use history output for that. Then you will get the results in the .dat file (which can be opened using any text editor) and in the form of a table accessible from the results tree (so you can plot it or copy it to Excel).

thanks, I’ll give it a try.
where is a list of files with extensions and their contents?

CalculiX documentation is the best source of information when it comes to CalculiX input and output files. There’s also this website but in Polish: