Principal stress at hydrostatic load

I enclose a test example with one fixed element which is loaded by the temperature. It leads to nonzero normal stresses sxx = syy = szz. According to cgx, principal stresses have same nonzero values ps1=ps2=ps3. But when I open the file for postprocessing in PrePoMax 1.4.0, principal stresses are 0. When some of the normal stresses are different, PrePoMax seems to calculate principal stresses correctly. (26.2 KB)

I can confirm this:

This problem is fixed in the new release version of PrePoMax v1.4.1 dev. The problem occurred in all cases where two or more principal values were the same.

Please confirm that it works so we can close the topic.

I can confirm that it’s working correctly now:

Yes, it now works also for me.