Part names change between Geometry and FE Model module

Hi Awesome Team,

I just realised that when we give names to parts in Geometry section, e.g. Bolt 1 in the screen shots below, that is reassigned to a different part in FE Model section. Please see Screenshot below.

Can someone please verify. I am using PrePoMax v1.3.5 on a Windows 10 laptop


Not v1.3.5.1 ? Try with the newest available version (even the dev one). I haven’t noticed such behavior.

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I have tried it in 1.4.0 dev version, and for me, it works. Did you do anything special with the parts before renaming them? It would help if you could recreate the issue and report the steps that lead to it.

I created a video of the problem which is stored it on my private server. Let me know if you need more information.

Thanks for the video. That is really strange. Is it possible to share the geometry with me? Or the pmx file after the meshing? Or can I use the file from the topic Bolt Preload for Piping connection - #16 by datsnl?

Hello Matej,

Yes it is the same pmx file as in the topic Bolt Preload for Piping connection.

Now I have your file, and I can reproduce your problem. I will try to figure out what is wrong.

I have fixed the problem. It appeared only for compound parts having more than 10 sub-parts. I have fixed the problem and updated the v1.4.0 dev PrePoMax version. Please confirm that it works.