History output not generated


I read this topic with a similar issue, but i don’t know if it is related:

I’m using PPM v1.4.0 explicit dynamic analysis and the history outputs defined in the step definition are not getting generated in the results. I tried node outputs and element outputs and non are getting generated. This is probably related to the error i get when opening the .frd file:
I have a feeling this is related to the size of the files, since the .frd file is 1,7GB and the .dat file id 2,5GB.

I would also add another problem I noticed. When I kill a running analysis and try to open the results that were generated up to that point using the Results button in the Monitor I get the following error:
But I can open the generated .frd file using File → Open and it opens fine.

Try reducing the frequency of output. The default output every single increment is usually too frequent considering the huge number of increments in explicit dynamics analyses. Try with something like every 10-20 increments or even more to reduce the size of the .dat file.

This is a known behavior: Active results vs check mark/red sign - #9 by FEAnalyst

I did, the frequency is set to 25 but it looks like it is still too low since there were 5525 increments so 221 were stored. I will set it to 50 or 100 next time. Is there any way this limitation in reading large results could be increased?

I did some testing in the past few days and I’m still getting the same error “Could not load f:.….dat” even if the .dat file is only 93 KB. So file size is not the issue here. Any ideas on what else could be causing the issue?

Could you please share the .dat file that gives you problems?

Analiza.zip (2.2 MB)

I also added the .pmx file so you can run it yourself. With CalciliX v2.21 using PaStiX it runs for about 30 mins. Curently it doesn’t converge, because I’m testing some settings, but it runs for long enough for you to test it.

The error while reading the .dat file was fixed in the latest developer version. I am closing the topic.

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