Creating an Axisymmetric Model with SolidWorks

Continuing the discussion from 2D Axisymmetric *ERROR in e_c3d: nonpositive jacobian:

In SolidWorks to create surfaces for an axisymmetric analysis of an assembly do the following:

  • Model the assembly in Solidworks.

  • Using an extruded cut, expose the surfaces you want in the axisymmetric analysis.

  • Save the assembly as a SolidWorks part file (no need to do feature recognition).

  • Open the part file and select the surfaces you want to use.

  • Save the file as a STEP file.

  • The following dialog box will appear.

  • Choose “Selected face(s).”

  • A STEP file with the surfaces will be created.

  • Import the STEP file into PrePoMax


One important thing to note, is that the assembly/parts/faces that will be part of the model must be in the XY plane, with Y as the axis of simmetry. Now I don´t remember if PrePoMax can rotate them, but is easier to made directly in the CAD.

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Here’s an instruction in Polish: 2D model

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