Cannot import STEP geometry in the latest 1.4.0 dev version


I can’t import any STEP geometry in the currently uploaded 1.4.0 dev version. There are no errors but nothing happens apart from text output:

05/24/23 11:40:42   Set new model properties: Model space: 3D, Unit system: mm, ton, s, °C
05/24/23 11:41:29   Import file: C:\Users\jakub\Desktop\test.step
05/24/23 11:41:29   Running command: C:\Program Files\PrePoMax v1.4.0 dev\NetGen\NetGenMesher.exe STEP_ASSEMBLY_SPLIT_TO_COMPOUNDS "C:\Users\jakub\Desktop\test.step" "C:\...
05/24/23 11:41:29   Program Files\PrePoMax v1.4.0 dev\Temp\a0d1Qqmf.brep"
05/24/23 11:41:29   
05/24/23 11:41:29   Elapsed time [s]: 0.0253056

The geometry is not visible in the tree and doesn’t appear in the viewport either. STL and INP file import works properly.

I have the same issue, downladed the last week I guess. No way to import an stp file, no error message.

I can confirm the bug. I will try to solve it as soon as possible.

I think I found the problem. It was very strange since, for me, it worked on one computer but not on the other. Can you please test if it works? There were some older libraries used in the uploaded .zip file so that might be the cause of the problem.

It’s working correctly in the currently available dev version. Thank you.

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My build of the current 1.4.0 dev (debug configuration) works good on Win 10 Pro (checked only on 2 machines).

I think I messed up some of the .dll libraries. @i_rokach there was a bug creating a compound part from more than 10 parts that appeared in the Netgen mesher library. To get rid of it, you should replace the old nglib.dll and NetGenMesher.exe in the Netgen folder.

Otherwise, I think this bug is fixed.