Importing .stp file issues

Hi Guys

I am new to PreProMax. My query is pretty simplistic.
I am trying to import a .stp model which I previously analysed using Strand7 (right picture).
For some reason the entire model will not be imported into PreProMax (left picture).
Unfortunately I cannot attach the .stp file, however I am sure there is something rudimentary that I am missing.

Try importing it to other software, like FreeCAD.

I have tried importing it into Mecway and it gives the same issue as PreProMax

Is it possible to export the model using different .STEP format (different standard)?

I encountered the same issue when importing a STEP file generated from an OnShape part design file. I was able to overcome the issue by importing this part into an assembly document within OnShape and then re-exporting to STEP. This file was then opened successfully with all parts accounted for.

This leads me to believe that there must be some configuration parameter in the STEP file that is preventing PrePoMax from opening up all the parts contained within the file due to it being saved as a part file rather than an assembly file.

maybe the problem is in *stp geometry itself, someone can try this opensource project to investigates, repair and/or defeaturing.

it’s target to cross platform, many tutorial also available on the developer YT channels.

I’m new as well, and I’m learning to perform Finite Element Method calculations using Prepomax. For geometries like the one in the image, in 3D, where I model directly from Autocad, the .iges file format works better for me. I hope this information is helpful, and thank you very much for this powerful tool.

Well, normally I wouldn’t recommend IGES in place of STEP but there can be some exceptions, I guess.

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sometimes iges file (step also) from external CAD can not generate mesh (surface or volume) due to the problem of geometry itself. In this case alternatiely NetGen GUI can be use and PrePoMax is capable to import native *.vol files.

there’s simple geometry healing features in NetGen, but can not guarantee to always work for any problem of the geometry. So, someone can go to Analysis Situs which probably can help.

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Hello, I’m currently just starting to learn how to use PrePoMax and FEM software in general. I’m confident that in the future, I may encounter difficulties when importing geometries, and your input seems incredibly helpful and interesting. Thank you very much.