Behavior of the new meshing parameters in v1.4.0 dev

Hi @Matej,

I have a question regarding the new meshing parameters in v1.4.0 dev. I’ve noticed that upon creation they are deactivated in the tree:

meshing 1

and not taken into account after clicking Create Mesh. If I activate them manually (right-click → Activate), they are still red:

meshing 2

and still not taken into account. Only when I open them (Edit) and confirm with OK without changing anything, they become black:

meshing 3

and are used for meshing. Is that an expected behavior ? Am I doing something wrong ?

Also, it’s still possible to just click Create Mesh and some default values are used to generate the mesh but they can’t be edited without creating meshing parameters so maybe the possibility to mesh when meshing parameters are not defined should be disabled.

P.S. I’ve noticed that the Safety Factor available as a new material property can’t be moved from the Available to the Selected window in the material editor.

They come up deactivated when I make them but if I activate them and generate the mesh they work fine (and turn black)


I The meshing parameters are not working correctly because of the settings.bin file, which is obviously corrupt. I will fix it (you can delete the file and run the PrePoMax again to fix the problem - all settings will be lost).

The meshing parameters used for default meshing are the same as when you first create meshing parameters for the part. So in a way, you can edit it or, better said, overwrite it with new settings. So I think this is not a problem in general. But it is true that it is different from the rest of the user interface.

I moved the safety factor from the definition of the material to the results field output definition. The reason is that now the material limit can be defined and edited after the analysis completes, while in the previous case, the analysis would have to be repeated. Now I have to delete it from the material definition (forgot about it).

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Thank you for the explanation. Indeed, deleting that file solved the issue.

I have fixed both issues and will add them to the release v1.4.0.

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