Mesh Parameters Type

Hi, I recently tried out version 1.4.0, and noticed 2 things with regards to meshing:

  1. By default, when first opening meshing parameters, mesh settings are in “basic” mode, and you can choose a max and min element size. I then change to “advanced” mode, where I can choose both “absolute” and “relative”. If I choose relative, I now have a max/min size factor. If I change mesh settings back to “basic” (without touching the “relative” setting), now I get the basic options, but with a max/min element factor, not with max/min element size. I assume that the dialog should reset to element size, or otherwise a absolute/relative option should be present.

  2. There is a typo in the mesh settings description, it says “Turn on advanced mash settings”

Thanks for the report. I can confirm your observations under 1 and 2. For point 1 I agree that now the behaviour is strange. I wanted to include as few options in the basic mode, so I removed the absolute/relative option. But wanted to keep the option to only show the relative sizes in the basic mode (if a user chooses relative setting as default in the program settings). I will try it out some more before deciding what to do. As for number 2, I will fix it in the next release version.