A developer/preview PrePoMax version v1.5.0 has been released

The new version brings the integration of the Gmsh mesher. Now, the preparation of transfinite and recombined meshes is possible. I have prepared several tutorials on what the new features are and how to use them:

Introduction to advanced meshing: https://youtu.be/AoDp3eZrG1s
Transfinite shell meshes: https://youtu.be/GqXPfojyXLw
Transfinite volume meshes: https://youtu.be/veFObRL8cQY
Extruded meshes: https://youtu.be/TX-YtD7VOmc
Revolved meshes: https://youtu.be/1kOHe-GGCHM

Download: Downloads – PrePoMax



do you know why this part can’t be meshed with Revolve even though the front face is partitioned into 4-sided patches ?

Cannot revolve.pmx (9.0 KB)

The Revolve mesh cannot be used on parts where the revolve axis coincides with a point or an edge of the geometry. First, this was a limitation of PrePoMax since circular edges are needed in all vertices of the selected base surface. Then, I tried removing this constraint, and I got to another problem. The problem is that if the mesh of the base surface contains a triangle where only one vertex of the triangle is on the revolve axis, this element gets revolved in a four-sided pyramid. PrePoMax does not support such elements, so there are holes in the revolved mesh. I could prevent revolve operations in such cases but decided to remove the support for such parts. I could check for such cases and prevent the mesh generation, but at that time, I did not have time to do it. Do you think it is an important feature?

That is why I added support for transfinite meshing of five-sided volumes = three-sided prisms. Instead of splitting the surface, you need to split the volume into 3 parts, make a compound, and then mesh it using a transfinite mesh.

It would be useful since parts with points/edges on the axis of symmetry are quite common but it’s good that there are workarounds. Hopefully, pyramid elements will be supported in future releases of CalculiX: Pyramid elements C3D5 & C3D13 - CalculiX (official versions are on www.calculix.de, the official GitHub repository is at https://github.com/Dhondtguido/CalculiX)..

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Great news. I found out that I could add collapsed pyramid elements, which would save all the problems.