User subroutines

First of all, I would like to congratulate the developers for such a good and user-friendly pre- and post-processing software.

I am new to Calculix and Prepomax but an advanced user of ABAQUS. I know that to use a user subroutine (e.g. creep.f) you have to recompile the Calculix solver; how could I do this with Prepomax? do you have any hints on how to recompile CCX for Windows?

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It might be best (or even necessary) to prepare the model in PrePoMax, export the input file and do the rest outside of PrePoMax (call the subroutine in the input file, compile CalculiX with subroutine and submit the analysis using CalculiX solver directly). Then you could open the results in PrePoMax or other postprocessor.

CalculiX forum is a good place for discussions about subroutines:

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Simple procedure how to recompile CCX is available at Mecway forum