Use Prepomax Solvers - Pardiso

For those that want to use the Pardiso solver you need to download the solver from the site specified : The download will give you the following files:
ccx_dynamic.exe, ccx_static.exe, cgx_FREEGLUT.exe, cgx_STATIC.exe, glut64.dll, README_install and tetgen.exe.
Copy those files to the Solver folder in your PrePoMax directory.
ccx_dynamic.exe is the solver that uses the Pardiso solver. You activate it by going to the Tools/settings/ options in the menu and then changing ccx_static.exe to ccx_dynamic.exe
You will then have to download the following libraries and copy them to the solver folder of your PrePoMax installation:
libiomp5md.dll, mkl_avx2.2.dll, mkl_avx512.2.dll, mkl_core.2.dll, mkl_intel_thread.2.dll, and mkl_rt.2.dll.

You download those libraires from the intel site:
Get Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library
Once you have all those files in the solver folder, you can then chose to use the Pardiso solver for your model.


From this website you can get CalculiX with Pardiso and all the necessary libraries: PrePoMax

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Unfortunately the link is broken.

Here’s the new one: PrePoMax

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