Number of processors not reporting properly

Hi I am running a static job with 1.3.5 and default solver and have it set to use 16 cpus which I think is what is doing when I look at the CPU loads but the monitor status keeps outputting using up to 1 cups…


Check the output when submitting the analysis manually from the input file via the command line: ccx_static input_file_name

Just make sure that the solver file is in the same directory as the input file.

Then you can try setting it manually using the command line: set OMP_NUM_THREADS=16


I am using as with the earlier version, simply unzipped so I think that means it is the same directory as the executable. (see attached)

I will admit I haven’t run any calcluix jobs with command line in Windows, I didn’t know it was possible. Command line is how I always ran Abaqus so it would feel more natural.

What I meant is that those files have to be in the same directory to run from the command line.

Give it a try and check the number of CPUs displayed in the command window. If it’s again 1 CPU, setting the aforementioned environment variable should help.

I tried reproducing the bug, but I had no success. Did you look at the Monitor window to determine the number of CPUs used? There should be something like:

 Using up to 1 cpu(s) for the stress calculation.
 Using up to 1 cpu(s) for the symmetric stiffness/mass contributions.
 Factoring the system of equations using the symmetric spooles solver
 Using up to 1 cpu(s) for spooles.
 Using up to 1 cpu(s) for the stress calculation.

Hi I recreated the model on a different computer with 1.3.5, everything works normally. On the one with the problem it looks like it was using all 16 cores but wasn’t displaying it for some reason.


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Ok, everything is working fine. I am closing the topic.