Error when searching contact pairs

Hi I have a fairly simple surface model I am running and when I attempt to use the automatic contact tool I get the error shown in the linked photo. I have also attached the pmx file

Any ideas? I am sure I have done something wrong, I am just not sure what



I can confirm that there is such an error in v1.3.5.1 and v1.4.0.

There might be an issue with how the pipes are connected because the error doesn’t occur when I delete them (and leave only the bottom profiles. Also, compound creation does not work properly for those pipes.

Maybe a more helpful question is how are supposed to position the edges of the shells in this sort of model?
I have mid plain surfaces, should the be modeled with a half thickness gap, nominally touching (and not using mid plains).I can’t find much information on these. There is one demo on youtube and it looks like it is modeled with no gap.



When I use -0.5 for the offset it seems to work properly but that is not what Matej did in his demo a couple of years ago. (that is with zero offset and touching edges)

For shells placed on top of each other, you can either model a gap equal to the thickness (half from one side and half from the other side) so that the parts are touching when expanded according to their thickness definition or place one surface on top of the other and define proper offsets. The end result should be that they are touching (not interfering in their expanded representations).

I have fixed the problem and updated the 1.4.0 dev PrePoMax version. Please try it out and confirm that the bug is fixed.

I can confirm that it’s fixed.