A new PrePoMax version v2.1.0 has been released

A new release version of the PrePoMax contains the following FEM features:

  • added support for mass section: point and distributed mass
  • added thicken shell mesh feature
  • added a feature to split solid mesh by a selected surface
  • added a feature to delete faces of .stl geometry models
  • added support for mesh optimization when using Gmsh mesher
  • added support for pyramid elements
  • added a new color legend
  • changed the structure of the .pmx files to enable creation of much larger files
  • added supports for step controls
  • compression-only support can now activate a non-linear solution
  • Gmsh updated to version 4.13
  • bug fixes

And the following user features:

  • added simple history viewer and editor
  • keyword editor was redone to improve its performance
  • bug fixes

Download: Downloads – PrePoMax


I noticed strange behavior during the preparation of the new PrePoMax version. After starting and closing the PrePoMax application, two processes called PrePoMax are left in the list of active processes in Windows Task Manager. They are left in suspended mode and cannot be killed.

I checked this behavior on two machines with the newest Windows version installed and discovered the same behavior also on older PrePoMax versions: v2.0.0 and 1.4.1.

I do not know if this happened in the past on older Windows versions since I have no machine running them.

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I just downloaded the v2.1.0, it scans clean with windows defender but the execution of the application gets blocked by windows defender itself. I am running it from a company laptop, can it be a special policy of the administrator? v.2.0.9 dev was (and still is) running without issues.

If there is anything I can do to help track down the issue please let me know

Thanks in advance and thanks for your work. PrePoMax is simply amazing!

If it’s just this blue window saying that the executable comes from an unknown publisher but letting you run it anyway then it’s nothing special. It happens with most independent software and occurs only when starting it for the first time.

After unsuccessfully trying to figure out what was causing the problem, I implemented a self-kill command at the end of the program execution. It helps on my machine to get rid of the suspended processes.

Since it does not affect anything other than that, I added the fix to the official release version 2.1.0.

Terrific job and thanks Matej ! I just want to let you know gmsh is now out in the new release 4.13.1 with small bug fixes, maybe it worth incorporating that.


I was getting this kind of error and in the eventlog I could see that Windows defender was blocking it.

Anyway with this mornings updated version it is opening perfectly. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks again everybody and thanks Matej for your effort!

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I was afraid that the recent Windows updates changed something. The current solution is very clumsy (at the end of the program execution, the program calls a Process.Kill on itself), and I will try to find a better solution if possible.