Selection of edges and surfaces on a compound part


I would like to ask you to allow selection of faces and edges on a compound part. Currently, for example, for mesh refinement it is not possible to select faces belonging to various parts.

Best regards

Perhaps I am misunderstading, but are you holding down the Shift-button when you pick additional surfaces or edges ?

Does this issue only occur with your Compound parts ?

Hi arnie,

please look at the picture in my post above. It is visible with red color that faces which belong to the same part were selected - this was selected with held down Shift key. However, faces which belong to different part in the compound part couldn’t be selected via Shift key held down.
This can be visible in the picture on the grey part on the totally right side - highlighted with orange color. If we try to select something in different part - it will be only highlighted with orange color but never selected.

I can confirm this but it’s only the case when it comes to mesh refinements and it also applies to multiple parts not merged into a compound part. It was always like that and it might be necessary due to some limitations of the mesher but maybe it’s possible to change this in the future.

This was done by design due to some limitations when added as a new feature.

I have changed it now. The geometry of multiple parts can now be selected at the same time. I have tested how this affects the meshing and detected no problems with it so I updated the release version v1.4.0.